Wednesday, January 27, 2010

would they?

Would our kids submit something like this :-

For their test paper one day?


Friday, January 22, 2010

younger generation?

There's one thing which i don't understand about the younger generation is the way they talk.. why can't they talk proper english? or spell correctly?

Example :-

Hot = hawt
School = skull
What = wat
My = mai
Party = partay
Kills = keels
Screen = sween
Some = sum
Don't = dun
That = tat
Your = ur
Only = oni
Now = nao
Already = oredi
Through = thru
Have = haf

And nowadays the most over-rated word ever use on the internet is....


What is FML? well, i just got to know recently.. it stands for Fuck My Life.. or maybe FHL = Fuck His/Her Life..

- got home late coz of the stupid taxi driver FML
- can't draw with my right hand FML
- friends scared me with a snake FML

As i was reading it, what went in my head was "yea yea, i know that you have a fucked up life.. doesn't have to use it for every sentences"

Well, i'm NOT saying that i have good command in english but at least it's proper/basic english.. i might use 'coz' here and there but it's not as bad, right?

I wonder if the english dictionary will still exist in 10 years down the road.. or will people start to invent their own word? which is happening right now..

ps: is it only malaysians having this spelling problem? or has this 'disease' been spread to the world?

Friday, January 15, 2010

donuts anyone?

Hello! hello!

If you guys are wondering where the heck am i, well.. i'm still alive.. boo-hoo..

Anyway, i just bought half a dozen of donuts yesterday

Can anyone guess where did i buy the donuts from?

a) J.Co
b) Krispy Kreme
c) Big Apple

The 1st person who guessed it correctly, will get a box of a dozen donuts from me! hahaha...

Let's get fat together.. bwahahahahaha...

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

latest online hauls?

Before the year turned 2010, i ordered some items online.. but only now i got to try them out..

I bought all of these from as i couldn't get it anywhere else including singapore.. so i had no choice..

Clinique's redness solution
I've been having rosacea for the longest time.. my nose was always red, skin peeling off and break outs.. i went to skin doctor but it didn't work.. gave me cream and pills.. then i found this on sephora.. read some reviews about it and it seems pretty good.. now i've been using it twice daily for more than a week AND it gives results.. good results.. now my nose isn't as red as before, it's not peeling, smooth and hardly has breakouts.. now, i only use a dab of concealer unlike before.. hopefully when i finish this bottle, i don't have to use anymore concealer *fingers crossed*

Clinique's spf 45 sun protection
This is too, for my nose.. i haven't use it yet as most of the time now i go out in the evening or at night..

Fresh's brown sugar body polish
Well, for this i must admit that i just wanna try it out :p sometimes it's good to scrub off the dead skin cells from your body.. i haven't use it yet.. will do soon :)

Frederic fekkai's apple cider shampoo
I have oily scalp.. tried so many types/brands of shampoo.. from beads to johnson & johnson to head & shoulder to himalaya herbal to carrefour brand shampoo and etc.. i washes my hair alternate days but before i washes it again, my scalp will become oily.. does food play a role with my oily scalp? well, i've stopped eating deep fried food, mcD's, kfc and etc for as long as 2 months but still my scalp gets oily easily..

Last night was my 1st time using this apple cider shampoo.. it foams easily and it washes away the oil on my scalp.. it smells good too.. doesn't have to use much.. without the conditioner, my hair feels smooth..

Frederic fekkai's full blown volume conditioner
I've stopped using hair conditioner for a few years coz it weighs down my hair and makes my hair look oily.. hence my hair became coarse.. but this works! it does give my hair more volume.. unlike some conditioner, it weighs down the hair.. now my hair is silky smooth! yay!

Btw, you'd all wonder how i got all these items from when they don't even mail it to malaysia.. well, besides using vpost , i also go through this blog owner.. i'll just email her the link and she'd quote me.. then if the price is right, i'd bank in the money to her bank.. simple ;)

Now i just hope and pray that i finally found the right shampoo..

Friday, January 01, 2010

~ happy new year! ~

From my balcony view

I could see a few places with fireworks from my balcony.. wish my bb is here..


Hope this year will be better than the previous year :)