Friday, January 15, 2010

donuts anyone?

Hello! hello!

If you guys are wondering where the heck am i, well.. i'm still alive.. boo-hoo..

Anyway, i just bought half a dozen of donuts yesterday

Can anyone guess where did i buy the donuts from?

a) J.Co
b) Krispy Kreme
c) Big Apple

The 1st person who guessed it correctly, will get a box of a dozen donuts from me! hahaha...

Let's get fat together.. bwahahahahaha...


Cas said...

Now this is easy (I think), its Kripsy Kreme's glazed donuts, now where's my free box of donut? :)

:: Nicole.F :: said...

whoa! u're good.. haha..

okay, i owe u 12 kk donuts ;)

btw, how did u know?? am i so predictable?? :p

Anonymous said...

The green dots on the outside of the box gave it away.

:: Nicole.F :: said...

oh.. hahaha.. oopsie

Elyssa said...

I would have guessed Kripsy Kreme too cos that is the only place I have not tried their donuts and it does not look like J.Co or Big Apple...haha

Cas said...

Woot woot!

Well for starters, I know you like kk donuts. Also, I've had the same exact donuts from KK :) Only donut lovers would know, hehe.