Friday, January 22, 2010

younger generation?

There's one thing which i don't understand about the younger generation is the way they talk.. why can't they talk proper english? or spell correctly?

Example :-

Hot = hawt
School = skull
What = wat
My = mai
Party = partay
Kills = keels
Screen = sween
Some = sum
Don't = dun
That = tat
Your = ur
Only = oni
Now = nao
Already = oredi
Through = thru
Have = haf

And nowadays the most over-rated word ever use on the internet is....


What is FML? well, i just got to know recently.. it stands for Fuck My Life.. or maybe FHL = Fuck His/Her Life..

- got home late coz of the stupid taxi driver FML
- can't draw with my right hand FML
- friends scared me with a snake FML

As i was reading it, what went in my head was "yea yea, i know that you have a fucked up life.. doesn't have to use it for every sentences"

Well, i'm NOT saying that i have good command in english but at least it's proper/basic english.. i might use 'coz' here and there but it's not as bad, right?

I wonder if the english dictionary will still exist in 10 years down the road.. or will people start to invent their own word? which is happening right now..

ps: is it only malaysians having this spelling problem? or has this 'disease' been spread to the world?


Biying said...

oh well Nic, guess not only M'sian youngsters, here in SG the same too.

:: Nicole.F :: said...

yup i know.. it's happening in sg too.. coz i read sg bloggers blogs :)

Nat said...

I think it's more of a web/mobile text trend rather than poor spelling habit. Mine is even worse haha. I substitute already with 'adi'.

I kinda dislike how young kids now a days would use the word 'like' so often in the sentence structures...


My life is like... so emo these days...

these shoes are like... so yesterday.

Acck. =P

Anonymous said...

blame Hollywood!

Sam Lee said...

ROFL, OK let me try type this

"oh mai, u is dai riao if u is read this, i is blame /k/ riao, /k/ is teh winrar"

/k/ = kopitiam, a sub forum at forum

visit here and you will see way more awesome language :D

:: Nicole.F :: said...

my god.. i can only understand 'oh mai' = oh my

anyway, does those ppl in hollywood spell like this???

Elyssa said...

haha...tat means i am young lor. opsss..i used tat..hehe. I also use 'dun', 'dun wan', 'oso', 'tru'...haha..but most of the time when typing sms or fast typing. But I never used FML or even the word fuck in my I am half youngster?? hehe.

Want to add something to what Nat said. Not only the "like" word but also "you know..."

eg: I mean she was know...

haha..the hell i know

Sam Lee said...

lol nicole, those that i type is the language that used in that particular forum.

it's not easy to fully understand unless you lurk there for quite sometime. anyway, it's useless to lurk there though, just when bored ok la...

and i had see some blog type with those type of language, really oh my god :S

Brenda B said...

I think everywhere else in the world is the same. In NZ, you are is your. Hmmp.

Anonymous said...

Mind me but u can't speak proper English too.btw u speak a language,not talk a language!!

:: Nicole.F :: said...

thanks keyboard warrior :)