Friday, March 19, 2010


For the last week, i was quite busy.. coz russ's brother and sisters were in kl.. so i had to take them around, shop with them and cook at home.. we went to a few places and i hope they enjoyed themselves :)

Starbucks, ikano

The curve

Bubba Gump, the curve

Wendy's, mont kiara

Angeli with boboie

Wondermilk, damansara uptown

Las Carretas, USJ

Now, i can't wait for my bb to come home soon :D


Eugene said...

Wah Russell bro very leng chai ler

sugarpurple said...

las carretas is my fav family restaurant. I go to the one closer to my home in ampang.

:: Nicole.F :: said...

eugene: yes yes, that's why he has a gf already.. at such a young age!

sugarpurple: oh, there's one near ampang? well, we went all the way to usj oz russ's cousin is working there as floor manager.. so it's a dinner @ family visit thingy :)

Nat said...

Yeah, I agree, he's bro is definitely a cutie. ;-P~~~~~~~~~~

Nat said...

Ohh, I forgot.. Happy birthday Nic! =)

Russ said...

U forgot to mention my sister inlaw angeli in your post.. lol.

I hope they had a good time too.. thanks bebee..

Angeli said...

yeah nicole forgot me, readers will think im russel's cacat sister!!! bad... :p

we had fun, felt bad of leaving her on her bday itself and not much drinking outside coz nic doesnt really drink (too bad for me) ;)

i will wait for her turn to visit me to pg, hope u will allow her (russ)

Anonymous said...

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Sherman said...

ya, i recall in few years back (Apr 2007 post), u have been saying tat the comments wrote by ur readers, u can even count it on ur 5 fingers on a hand (left or right..haha either side)it's so break ur heart (really?)..
but luckily until today, u r stil blogging (dun give up i personally really love to read ur blog, it does helpful in some sense or to someone...
keep up good work nic..

:: Nicole.F :: said...

sherman: oh man, i forgot that i even blogged about that.. i had to check back my old posts! haha

thanks for still dropping by here :)