Thursday, March 04, 2010

new hairdo again?

I used to have long hair when i met my bb.. then i chopped it off 2 years ago.. now, i've got a new hairdo! since i'm planning to keep my hair long, i can't cut it any shorter.. hence i went for a trim, layer-ing and coloring..

I've been doing research all over the forums.. finding for a good salon.. i didn't want to go back to my hairstylist as he's scared to take 'the risk'.. i remembered the last time, he hesitated to chop my long locks off! he asked me a few times if i was very sure of it =.=

My bb says that he love to play with my long hair.. so he always 'beg' me to keep it long again.. hehe.. well, i think after 2 years of having short hair, it's time for a new change :D

I just came back from Guessen, plaza mont kiara.. this is my first time letting a jap to cut my hair.. i just asked her to give my hair a shape AND also some layers to hide my FAT      W I D E face.. haha



Well i guess today will be my last time cutting my hair as i want to keep it long.. this time, i want to make my hair wavy.. want to curl my hair myself, when it's long.. please get long soon~


sugarpurple said...

I like this new hair do. it works :)

Shana said...

found ur blog on cindy's blog , the one who made the new theme.

love reading ur blog, i know its very sad when ur husband go off to work, i also feel the same when my hubby went to a month course last time.

ur new bang is sexy, wish i have the guts to cut it short. :D

:: Nicole.F :: said...

thanks sugarpurple :)

shana: oh, your hubby also goes away for work? what does he do? :)

thanks for your compliment about my hair.. still getting used to it.. haha.. well, a change of style is always a good thing.. if not, i'd look too boring.. lol..

Shana said...

nicole , my hubby doesnt go away for work , but he always go on a very longggg time course, urgh.hehehe

i love reading ur blog! nice to know u.:D

Nat said...

Pretty!! =) Very fresh look on you.

Cas said...

Aiks you cut your hair after meeting me? Hehe, it looks good on you! The color and cut looks very fresh, your stylist did a great job.

:: Nicole.F :: said...

shana: thanks for reading my blog :)

nat: thanks for your compliment :)

cas: i met u after i cut my hair.. haha.. u didn't notice? maybe it was too dark at porto romano :p

Biying said...

hey nic,

Nice hair ;)

I having long hair for quite a long time. I did chop off my hair once but nah... i think i better stick to long hair since it can hide my square n fat face well... was thinking to change hairstyle few time but no guts to simply let hairstylist tat im not familiar wif to touch my hair...

btw, where u do ur hair n how much they charging u?

:: Nicole.F :: said...

i did it at guessen, plaza mont kiara.. they charged me rm98 for cut.. and if u have a jusco card, u're entitled for 10% discount :D

Jason Ong said...

Nice hair cut. New look for yourself and your blog too. :)

:: Nicole.F :: said...

thanks jason :)