Monday, August 18, 2008


After 4 hours of driving, finally my toothbrush got to reunited with....

my bb's toothbrush!!! :D

I drove to Singapore alone.. just to spend 8 days with my bb.. yea i know.. insane right? that's what love does.. making people do crazy things..

Since my bb is still in Singapore and his ship haven't sail to vietnam AND since i miss him so much, why not just meet him there? i stayed at a cheaper hotel.. which is like 20mins drive away from Orchard Rd and also the jetty..

This is where i stayed, Hotel Windsor :-

My bb drove to work everyday and comes back to the hotel after his shift at about 6pm-ish.. he had to wake up by 5.30am and drive to work by 6am just to get himself back to the ship, have breakfast and attend the 7am meeting.. so every morning, i've to wake him up when the alarm went off.. it's kinda heart breaking to see him dragging himself out from the bed when he was still tired and sleepy *sigh*

Anyways i finally got a chance to meet up with eugene :) met up with him at takashimaya and had lunch together..

Oh oh.. i've a place to recommend for good food.. it's none other than Botak Jones! russ's friend, justin recommended it to us.. no doubt, the food is fantastic! their tag line is "Damn Good Food at A Damn Good Price" which is SO true!!

My bb took me to the Toa Payoh's outlet..

Our dinner cost SGD17 ONLY.. it's cheap right? now, check out our food :-

My cajun chicken

My bb's Botak Jones burger

Spicy fries

On our anniversary, we went to Hip Diner USA where the cathay cinema is located :-

My bb's mushroom soup and lamb shank :-

My spicy chicken and chicken with cheese sausage :-

After spending about 8 days in Singapore with my bb, it was time for me to come back home :( so before heading home, i went to the jetty to see my bb.. to hug and kiss him AND to say goodbye :'(

I didn't cry when i said goodbye this time.. maybe because we spent some quality time together.. am missing him so much now *sigh*


Anonymous said...

You miss your hubby and i also miss my bf very much. :(

:: Nicole.F :: said...

where's your bf? not with u? awwwwwwww...

Anonymous said...

We are having a long distance relationship even from the start. I'm at KL and he's residing in Melacca. He will be posted in KL but that won't happen until the next couple of years.

:: Nicole.F :: said...

well absence does really makes the heart grow fonder.. just hang on there :)

btw, kl and malacca isn't that far right? :P just a couple of hours driving..

Eugene said...

Argh... I look weird in that photo :(

:: Nicole.F :: said...

eugene: no complains! coz u didn't ask me to delete it :P~ LOL!