Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I've been wanting to dine at meatWorks for the longest time.. i thought of waiting for russ to come back so that we both can dine there together.. but then since it's my friend's b'day today, we decided to try the food at meatWorks @ solaris, mont kiara..

First of all, when we entered the restaurant, there was no one there to greet us or to show us our table.. it was NOT packed so i wondered where the heck were the waiters!

Secondly, i had to take the menu myself from the table next to us as we weren't given one..

Third, the ventilation is bad.. we can smell what the chef was cooking! i mean, we came out from the restaurant smelling like steak! =.="

Forth, the food is NOT up to the standard.. we ordered a mushroom soup, garlic bread, sirloin, pan fried baramundi, orange juice and ice lemon tea.. the bill came up to a total of rm170.. well, we wouldn't mind the price IF the food and service is good but let me tell you..

- the mushroom soup tasted weird.. sour-ish actually
- the sirloin was cold
- baramundi had the fishy taste
- scallops were cold (came with the baramundi)
- salad had no dressing (came with the baramundi)
- orange juice was bland (no orange taste)

Fifth, my friend had to go to the cashier himself to ask for the bill as the waiter was nowhere to be found! and then he had to go back to the cashier to sign the bill as he paid by credit card..

I just don't see why people still flock to this place.. and before we left, i saw a caucasian guy leaving the restaurant shaking his head.. i guess he's not happy with the place too..

So, if you still want to take the chance and try out meatWorks, don't say that i didn't warn you.. you'd regret BIG time.. sigh~


Cas said...

Hey I'm really suprised the food and service was really bad. Shame on them!Esp when the prices aren't that cheap either. Hopefully the owner sees this and does something about it.