Friday, June 04, 2010


Today as i came out from the lift, something caught my eye.. something too familiar in fact.. the first thing which came to my mind was, am i dreaming? has someone finally came to their senses and return 'it' back to us? BUT i quickly snapped out of it.. i know that it will NEVER happen..

When i saw 'it','it' brought back memories.. i was overwhelmed.. in fact, i felt like crying.. there's no words for me to describe how i felt.. my heart was pounding and i kept telling myself 'don't cry'..

Wanna know what i saw?

This is it :-

Don't this photo brings back memories? i kept staring and looking at this car hoping that it's our car but i know, it isn't.. the side mirror, paint color, exhaust, bodykit, diffuser, seats are all different..

How i wish one day someone would really return our car back but i know it's just wishful thinking :'(

ps: there will be always sadness in me which just won't go away for as long as i live.. the 'beast' is not just a car.. it is not


Russ said...

Wow, a real BNR34 parked next to the Z at our basement parking? Wow.. I can imagine how strange and sad it must feel. When I saw the photo I thought it was photoshopped. Nice colour tho, matches the Z.
Its quite cheap now the GTR34, but it is an old car, and I wouldnt get another one even if it was very very cheap, coz it still wont be our car.

:: Nicole.F :: said...

fariz and wern shen are having a difficult time buying insurance and to renew their roadtax.. it seems that insurance companies now doesn't want to accept sports car anymore especially the skyline.. as they think coz of the green skyline which involved in the accident and got total lost.. maybe they have to pay a higher loading and premium