Wednesday, July 14, 2010

short trip?

Well, i bet you're not surprise if i tell you that i just came back from singapore.. right?

I drove down on saturday afternoon and spent 3 nights in singapore.. russ was working from 7am to 7pm but yet we were able to spend some time together, at the hotel.. while he was at work, i got to meet up with some eugene, 2 of the fairlady owners from singapore and did some shopping at orchard..

The hotel we stayed in has a nice view from the rooftop.. plus i got to enjoy maxis coverage.. hence i had to go up to the 8th floor each time i want to bbm mimi or eugene and to do some photo uploads on fb..

Nice view, eh? ;)

The koi pond on the 6th floor

And the swimming pool

I went to orchard 2 days in a row.. spent like 3 or 4 hours just walking around.. from DFS at scotts road all the way to 313 at somerset.. didn't get to buy much.. the singapore sale is sitll going on and the louboutins are on SALE! 30% discount BUT yet after conversion, it's still expensive compare to what i can get if i order online.. so there, no louboutins for me..

But of course i managed to at least buy some stuff for myself :D

Molton Brown's warming eucalyptus bath and shower therapy - sgd49
Guerlain's meteorites perles (illuminating powder) - sgd81
Chanel's earring - sgd370
Chanel's chance EDT 50ml - sgd104

Then i helped cas to get her Kose's happy bath day precious rose body mist, shower gel and body soap from SaSa.. she couldn't get it in KL hence i did her a favor ;)

Yeap, that's all i bought.. believe it or not :p

I wonder when will be the next time i get to visit singapore again.. well, it's only 2 and a half hours drive any way *wink*


Nat said...

2 and a half hours drive?!

How is that possible?

:: Nicole.F :: said...

it is possible if i drive ;)

Nat said...

hahaha. I see. What a rush! =)

Mimi said...

After you try the MB eucalyptus bath therapy, blog about it? It's supposed to be good for skin and allergy (sinus).. Let me know, I may want to get bottles of that! hehehe

Cas said...

2.5 hours for real?? That's how long Anand takes just to get to Malacca and Ipoh, hehe.

Oooo I see my rose products. SO HAPPY :) Thanks so much for helping me get it. Let me know when's a good time to meet up :)

Cas said...

Btw love the Chanel hauls ;)

:: Nicole.F :: said...

cas: i'm free anytime for a meet up ;) why not u decide on the time, date and venue

Cas said...

Okay dokes, I will text and let you know :)