Sunday, September 12, 2010

working as..?

I know that i've abandoned my blog for awhile.. it's coz i've been busy working.. practically been working 8 days straight before i got my deserving 3 days holidays (friday+saturday+sunday)..

Thanks to mimi, now i'm working with henry butcher.. in fact i'm working together with mimi as real estate negotiator.. currently we're doing this project at capsquare.. selling condo units which cost at least rm900+ to rm1,000 psf..

Okay, this post will be a short one as i need to sleep early and get up early for work tomorrow.. so night peeps! :)

ps: i was really lucky to get the job after the interview and started working on the spot!


Eugene said...

Keep it up my friend!

Doing good!

Nat said...

Woot* Woot*~~

You go girl!

Steve said...

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:: Nicole.W :: said...

thanks steve, for dropping by to my lil blog :)

Lyssa said...

Wow wee...looks like you have started your journey in a high flying career. All the best!! :)

ThomsAllvin said...

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