Thursday, August 05, 2010


Where's the originality?? come on.. how many more versions do we need?

Remember when the movie 'shutter' first hit the cinema 6 years ago?

It was scary, right?

Then in 2008, hollywood decided to do a remake of it :-

It was lousy..

And NOW, guess what.. bollywood is making a remake version out of it too! but this time it's call 'click'! LOL!!

Now, since everyone of us know that hindi movie is famous for its singing and dancing.. so... how scary can this movie be? will the ghost be singing and dancing too? *rofl*


Nat said...

Oh My God! My thoughts exactly! And I am a movie fanatic.

I am always against direct copied ideas.

Do you know 'The Hangover' (Starring brad cooper), well, I enjoyed that super lots! But My God... Bollywood's got its own version releasing soon... in fact they even called it Hangover... where's the originality in that? At least Akshay Kumar is in there.

:: Nicole.F :: said...

hollywood = bollywood
shutter = click
the hangover = hangover

india is such a copycat =.=

Mimi said...

LOL! By the way Nic, who acted in the English version ah?

:: Nicole.F :: said...

mimi: Joshua Jackson, Rachael Taylor

Nat said...

Actually Bollywood movies got original concepts one. haha.

I particularly like their latest endevour: '3 Idiots'. So far I liked that movie very much.

Starring Amir Khan and Sharman Joshi <-- major hottie alert!

:: Nicole.F :: said...

i don't really watch bollywood movie.. it's always more than 2 hours right? haha.. with the singing, dancing, rolling on the grass and hiding between the trees.. haha.. oh oh, plus they take forever to 'die' when got shot! :P

Anonymous said...

hahahaha...India doesnt hasve any of its own products or creations, they have been copycats since the day one...hahahaha

Anonymous said...

you forget the raining.....

Steve said...

The Bollywood is making the remake version of the Shutter hope so it will not so long than the 2 hours cause Bollywood movies are really long and added with songs and all lets hope for the shorter version.

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lasley herald said...

Well mostly there is same and inspired by others only. There is nothing like original. Still has to go long for it or to learn from others.

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harriswarner said...

Bollywood is the remake version of the plug will not be waiting as long as 2 hours to do Bollywood movies are very long, and added songs and that so all hope for the short version.

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denialjohnn said...

Bollywood movies are really copied from hollywood. They add songs in this movie and make around 2and half hours.

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