Thursday, February 24, 2011

2nd chance?

fyi: this is a personal post which i think all of my readers would be eager to read and find out

First of all, this is NOT easy for me to even write about it.. since i can't keep 'this' as a secret anymore, i have to let the cat out of the bag.. sooner or later, you all will find out and i think it's better you hear it from me instead of taking guesses and such..

Yes, i'm single.. once again.. after 4 years.. it all happened about 8 months ago.. he told me he wanted out from this relationship through skype.. i couldn't believed it.. i was shocked, begged him for another chance, tried to change my ways but it didn't work..

He was determined about it.. he came back to kl and we had a talk about it, and then he went off to work again.. i was left alone here with a 'broken' me.. my heart was shattered, devastated, angry, lost my sense of direction, hurt, betrayed, self pity, lost my appetite to eat and i was suicidal, losing the will to live.. i thought i couldn't live without him.. to me, it was like he took a knife, stabbed it straight to my heart, twisted it and left me bleed to death..

I used to think that he's 'the one'.. i wrote my blog with pride.. and THAT pride killed me.. i got carried away.. with his love back then and the lifestyle he gave me.. to be honest, i wasn't bragging.. not in the way i saw it.. i was just so in love.. he was the love of my life..

I gave him all of me.. but i can't blame him for what happened.. when there's a failed relationship/marriage, it will always be 2 people's fault.. i just want to hate him so much for what he had put me through BUT deep down inside me, i still loved him.. i still remember all the good times we had although it was just for a short while coz after some time, i realize that things started to change.. small changes.. but coz of my love for him was overwhelming, i decided to ignore it.. plus i accepted his explanation..

I didn't tell anyone about this.. keeping it all to myself.. i was 'dying' slowly and painfully.. not even my mum or his family knows.. i put up a happy face when i was back in penang for his grandma's birthday.. i started to change the way i was living.. getting a job, socializing (getting connected back with my friends)

Recently i just moved out.. we went to the lawyer and starting to sort things out.. i won't go into details as it's P & C.. it's an agreement between the 2 of us.. i'm still working as usual, hanging out with friends and started picking up the broken pieces of me.. i'm moving on finally and i'm thankful with all the support my friends and family have been giving for my heart, he has completely shattered it.. day by day, i've been trying to mend it..

I know there will be alot of criticism about me and that it's my karma.. i'm not denying it, probably it is.. BUT tell me honestly, do i REALLY deserve all this pain? what have i done? did i get anyone hurt? did i kill anyone? yes, i had my pride.. i made mistakes.. i admit that.. in a way, i'm glad that all these happened.. coz it made me realize that money doesn't buy happiness.. i was covering my pain and sadness with all that shopping i did.. but at the end, i was still unhappy.. just like how you get drunk with alcohol but at the end of the day, the problem/issue still exist..

Lastly, i've learnt my lessons.. i must admit that i made mistakes and don't you think i deserve a second chance? a chance to be a better and stronger person.. i'm sure some of you are laughing your asses off.. thinking that i deserve all this as it's my karma.. but think about it, if you are laughing me right now, don't you think you'll get your karma back too? all i'm asking is to cut me some slack and i'd really appreciate it..

Thank you

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

mayfair, english kitchen & bar?

Food review

This is another food review.. in fact it was my 1st food review for the year 2011 :)

Mayfair had just opened not too long ago.. so i won't blame you if you do not know where it is :P

Pictures courtesy of andy kho, as usual :)

Here's how the bartender did the mojito for andy

And..... TA DAH!

Aperol sour - rm22+

First came was the ceaser's salad & crispy salted beef - rm 14+

Tuna & mushroom pasta - rm 27+

Tender hickory pepper baby pork ribs - rm 60+

Crispy pork knuckle - rm 45+

Chorizo & bacon pizza - rm 27+

Mixed sausage platter - rm 60+

Warm bread butter pudding - rm 14+

It was served like this.. and then mei sze suggested they should serve it together with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and guess what? they ARE serving it with ice cream now! :D

Now, after filling up our tummy with food we did what we are good at most! haha

Tim devouring the pork knuckle and his guinness


Mei sze with her new glasses from malaya optical

Chatting with the chef, kenneth tan

Last picture of the day would be a group shot with the owner, thomas tan and the chef, kenneth tan

This is a place for you to just chill out with your friends or maybe have a quiet romantic dinner with your loved one.. hmmm.. since valentine's day is around the corner, why not celebrate it there?

Here's the address :-

Mayfair, English Kitchen & Bar
DG-03, Menara Taiko, 
PJ Trade Centre, Jalan PJU 8/8,
47820 Petaling Jaya
Tel : +603-7726 4131
Website :

ps : prices are inclusive of the 10% service charge BUT no government tax at the moment