Tuesday, March 22, 2011

30 already?

Last friday was my 30th birthday.. like i said, it couldn't be more meaningful to me.. starting my 30s life full with new hopes and dreams..

Well, i didn't get drunk on that day.. nopeeeee... instead i got together a few friends and we had an awesome romantic dinner at Nerofico, damansara heights ;)

The ambience was superb.. the live jazz band was good.. but no matter what, i think the company plays a HUGE role instead..

I booked a private room and we had ALL the privacy that we wanted.. there's a HUGE ass projector, sound system and you can play your songs in there.. the room can accommodate up to 32 pax

Pic courtesy to Nerofico

Anyway, back to my birthday night.. Nerofico had done a good job in decorating the room.. with low light, rose petals on the tables and floor, and the soft latin music playing at the background.. well, you could say that it was the most romantic dinner that i ever had! :) the setting was P-E-R-F-E-C-T

I invited 15 people but at the end, only 11 showed up.. nevertheless, i had a great time.. chatting and sharing a romantic dinner with my old and new found friends :D

The chirpy sarah from MHB

My personal photographer of the night, pete

My long time friend, may whom i got to know from the internet.. hahaha AND her new bf, alex

Ahhh~ nikie, my ex-collegemate whom i've known for 12 years AND abbie, whom i know through nikie

The sweet, pretty erica from MHB and the ever-so fashionable alex

Bernice, the tesco employee.. hahaha... friends for almost 4 years, i think ;)

The hot mama blogger, cas whom i go to know since 4 years ago

Met him, calvin as a blogger 3 years + ago BUT as time passes by, he rarely blogs anymore.. he was there for me when i needed a shoulder to cry during my difficult times AND he gave me good advices! ^_^

 With the good company of friends and the delicious food, it'd be a night to remember.. DEFINITELY

Wanna see what we had?

The appertizers

Vegetables soup served with truffle infused oil and garlic croutons

Octopus, potato and green beans salad served with tomato chips

The main courses

Pan fried cod fish served with eggplant caviar oven dried tomatoes and lemon caper sauce.. like erica said, this is to die for.. it was superb!!

Pennette Sorrentina Style served with fresh tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella and sautéed beef tenderloin

The desserts

Classic panna cotta with caramelized figs


As for my dessert, i got a special one ;)

I almost cried when everyone was singing the birthday song.. as i never had anyone celebrating my birthday with a song for a long long time.. 5 years ago to be exact..

After dinner, we took more pictures

At the end of the night, i was tired BUT happy :D and i had to work the next day.. sigh~

ps: i really really think that i NEED to diet and exercise.. argh!!


The Mrs Blogs said...

Once again, thanks for inviting me to your parteh. NeroFico was just PERFECT to celebrate your big 30. And what exercise are you talking about? You look great as you are. To being 30, you make it look so good, cheers babe!

FireWire said...

You looking stunning in the pink dress, it really compliments you. Btw, happy belated birthday to you! I bet you had a blast ;)

Nat said...

Happy Belated Birthday Nicole!

I was just commenting at Cas's blog, that I was surprised of the age. Because you certainly don't look it. ;-)

And not risking getting killed by Cas, yes, she too does not look it. =)

Wishing you to a great start, and a brighter future! Filled with great experience, happiness and satisfaction!

Anonymous said...

Hi ! You've been followed ! :)
Follow me please;

xx Véronika, from Dolce&Reckless ! ♥

Mei Sze said...

I am just sad I couldn't be there...glad you had a blast:)