Tuesday, March 15, 2011

moving on?

I know most of you, readers are wondering how am i doing.. tell you the truth, it still hurts a little bit.. but i know that i gotta move on..

It will be my 30th b'day soon.. in exactly 3 days time.. what better way to celebrate it with a few of my close friends, having dinner and to catch up.. they have been VERY supportive since they got to know about 'the news'.. i've thought of party-ing the night away as well BUT i guess i'm a little too old for that.. hahaha!

Anyway, i've said to myself that i'd not want to date again.. too much heartache.. i just want to enjoy my new found freedom, hook up with guys BUT then again.. i'm NOT that kind of girl =.=

I actually was thinking a few months back, to pop a champagne and to celebrate my singlehood.. no more headaches, no more worries, no more obligations, no more stress, no more tears and etc.. but i know deep down, i'm not that kind of person.. i won't mind going through all that IF it's worth it.. you know what i mean?


Unknown said...

Stay strong Nicole.. moving on is never easy, there is no remedy for it except letting time pass as you heal slowly..

The constant roller coaster emotion of feeling you got everything under control and next minute you're crumbling down.

You will never truly move on, the loved ones we once had will always have a special place in our hearts. Learn to embrace and live with it instead of trying to forcefully forget them.


Tony said...

Nicole! Good to hear that!
But I wish you continue blog because I've been reading your blog started since mid of 2008.
Please take care and all the best to you!