Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hennessy Artistry?

I have news to share to you, my fellow readers.. well, i am on an ALL PAID 4D3N Hennessy Artistry Ultimate Experience! wohoooo! :D

At first when i saw this, i thought to myself.. i am NOT going to miss this party again..

I registered myself so that i could get some passes for the 30th april which will be held in The Opera, Sunway.. but then i saw an email from helenness chong, saying that there were open slots for us, the bloggers to have the once in a lifetime 4D3N Hennessy Artistry Experience which is.. well... ALL PAID!

I couldn't resist it so i sent in my details and had my fingers crossed, hoping that i'd get selected.. and the next day, i got an email saying that i'm one of the selected bloggers!! YIPPIE!!

Now i just gotta pack my bags and wait for my flight, which is.... tomorrow afternoon!

Anyway, for those who is attending the party tomorrow in penang, see ya! ;)

For more info about Hennessy Artistry, you can either follow them on twitter, @hennessymy, their FB page at, OR their website at


Munak said...

Ah crap, just my luck, just when you are going to be at the artistry this weekend, I turned it down for 2 days in the jungle!! Have a blast!!

Nat said...

Whoa! Asr, what a small world aye?! =)

Munak said...

hahaha indeed, when I saw Cai Jin in previous posts I was like eh, isn't that Nat's friend? :p