Tuesday, May 10, 2011

sixty nine bistro?


Have you been to sixty nine bistro? it is tucked away almost right at the end of metropolitan square, damansara perdana..

Me, michelle, stephanie and andy were there a month ago.. it's a small cozy little place where you could have some quality chill out time with your friends OR with just your girl friends ;)

Now, here comes the food pictures of course! :D

Golden crispy - rm8.50

Review : i guess the name says it all! it was deep fried to its golden brown in color and it was super crispy!

Deep fried 'tau foo' serve with coleslaw - rm8.30

Review : well, it was something unique for us.. and maybe to you too ;)

Michelle was lovin' it

The main course

Ayam penyet (homemade indonesia flavoured fried chicken served with steam rice, fried 'tau foo' and tempe) - rm12.90

Review : the rice was smelling oh-so-nice.. it wasn't our local rice.. they used thailand's fragrant rice.. and the chicken.. well, i thought since it's breast meat, it would be dry and hard.. BUT it wasn't.. in fact, it was soft, tender and juicy :)

Spicy honey chicken - rm11.50

Review : my fav.. the name too says it all.. it's sweet and spicy at the same time

Chicken chop with mushroom sauce - rm15.90

Pan fried mee hoon - rm10.90

Our drinks

Fruity paradise (orange + pineapple + grenadine) - rm10.50

Romance (strawberry + green apple + orange) - rm12.90

Tropical twist ( kiwi + mango + banana + whipping cream) - rm8.50

And of course, not to forget.. we got ourselves a small canister of... Jaz Fresh!

Isn't that cuteeeeee?

Stephanie with her jaz

Three of us with our jaz!

Anyway, here's some fun facts about jaz fresh beer :-

Jaz Fresh contains no additives or preservatives, it is strictly unfiltered and unpasteurised, leaving behind a notable amount of live yeast that keeps the beer 'alive'.

Filtering the yeast removes most of the B vitamins and other nutriens like chromium therefore it can be said that unfiltered beers are more nutritious.

Jaz Fresh is made from the finest natural ingredients and has a 7-day shelf life policy and is stored under optimum conditions to maintain the beer quality.

Jaz Fresh is best enjoyed at 3* Celsius. The beer is cloudy and golden in colour. Jaz Fresh is a medium bodied beer balanced with a delicate touch of hops which leaves a fragrant aroma and balanced flavour. Inspired by the German style beer brewing tradition, the natural-gentle carbonisation complements the hops aroma with a pleasant bitterness.

I don't know about you guys, but i love jaz fresh.. mainly coz it's NOT bitter! :D we girls normally would avoid beer as, it gives us beer belly AND also the bitterness of it.. but with jaz beer, i wouldn't mind have a glass or two ;)

Oh yea, besides food and beer.. this place offers tarot card reading too.. i had mine read

Before we called it a night, as usual.. andy would get all of us to take a group picture..

Coincidentally, the 4 of us wore black.. hahaha

To those who would want to visit this place, here's the address :-

Sixty Nine Bistro
E-111 Metropolitan Square Mall, Jalan PJU 8/1,
Bandar Damansara Perdana,
47820, Petaling Jaya Selangor
Tel : +603-7722 4428