Thursday, June 16, 2011


While i am sitting down here in front of my computer enjoying a packet of nasi lemak, i was browsing through my photos on faceBook.. oh gosh, time flies and i just realized i've been on fb since 24th oct 2007.. it has been more than 3 freaking years!

Anyway, i saw the difference in me on the photos as time went by.. i look much more older, hair gotten shorter and i make up! hahaha..

I used to pay minimum attention of how i look.. coz my ex told me he loved me the way i was.. dressed down, natural with no make up.. in fact he fell in love with me when i was in my shorts and slipper..

I looked like this when i was with my ex :-

Looking back at those photos, brings back memories.. i was once young with no make up.. but now as i grow older, at least i'll put on my eyeliner and blusher when i go out.. does that mean i'm trying to hide the fact that i'm getting old? not exactly.. in fact, i think i look a little better as i grow older ;)

As most people would say, as you grow up you tend to change.. mentally and physically.. coz as you get older, you'll gain some hardship, good and bad experiences, break ups, new friendships and etc along the way..

The other day while i was talking to 1 of my friends, he said 'why am i teaching you the fundamental basics of a relationship? you're supposed to know all these as you've been through so much'

Yes, i may have dated before and even got into a couple of serious relationships, but none of them actually pointed out to my flaws.. teach me or guide me towards a healthy relationship.. i NEVER knew what was my problem.. what i did wrong.. what do i have to change and compromise to make the relationship works..

For them, they just walked away when they no longer could see themselves committing in the relationship.. do they really think that i could figure out myself what was the problem while they just keep quiet? i do admit that i was VERY stubborn.. but that doesn't mean they can't knock some sense into my head.. no one likes someone to point out their flaws, they can't accept it.. same goes to me.. you tend to get angry and defensive..

Someone tried to point out my flaws and my mistakes after i got out from my failed relationship.. at first i was angry but slowly, it made sense to me.. i tend to see things from another perspective.. which was why i apologized to him, my ex..

It takes time for someone to mature and i guess i'm doing quite well at it.. what do you think?


Daredevil_76 said...

Hey Nicole

Definitely 'aging' well :).

Can you drop me an email at Need to ask you something :)


Mei Sze said...

Hey hun!!

I'm glad you have forgiven and accepted?!? Everyone learns throughout life.. it's a journey...remember??????? Miss yazzzz


Jason Ong said...

Hi Nic,

Honestly speaking, I still prefer your older image as I have been following your blog for years. I guess we have to move on and your new look suite the current trend.

The Mrs Blogs said...

You're definitely more happening now, hehe. But more importantly, it's a must that YOU yourself feel good about who and what you are :) Cheers babe, you've come a long way.