Monday, June 06, 2011

~ update ~

It has been 5 months since i moved out.. my feelings for that certain someone is slowly fading away.. it's not easy to just leave the memories behind.. as i was 'cleaning' up my laptop, i came across a lot of pictures of me and him.. the e-b'day card me made me, the e-summary of our 1 month anniversary.. the promises that he made to me (the holidays, sunset, sun rise, starting a family, me and him together forever).... sigh ~

I know that i've to move on.. and i've been doing that ever since i moved out.. it was tough at first but with the support from my family and friends, it made me realize that... hey, i can do this..

My friends would say that it's his fault.. but actually, i have to be responsible too.. so when he called me few weeks back, i apologized to him.. i said i'm sorry that i've changed, sorry for being selfish in a way, not understanding him and wasn't on the same wavelength as he was.. i don't know if he did realize that partially it was his fault too but i don't care anymore.. i've let down my pride to actually apologize and made my peace..

Okay, apart of that i'm moving on now... i am slowly getting myself connected back to the society.. it was tough but thanks to tim, who offered me to be one of the MHBs.. i get to meet people, attending events and knowing a bunch of pretty sweet MHBs too..

I am s l o w l y picking up back the bits and pieces of my life again and it has been doing good so far :)

*fingers crossed*


LHH said...

dont worry too much about the memories, it is called memories for a reason... no need to consciously 'erase' it. just let it be natural. I am sure you are on the right track.

The Mrs Blogs said...

I'm glad you've moved on. That part has gone, now it's on to a different phase. And you're doing great in terms of getting back your social life - look at the amount of events you've attended! Great to know you're at peace again :)