Wednesday, November 23, 2011


It seems like everyone is a blogger nowadays.. it's super easy to own a blog, just register yourself on blogger and VOILA! you're a blogger..

There are many types of bloggers out there.. some they just upload photos, some do vlog.. i started my blog way back in 2006 on blogger but earlier on i was blogging on friendster..

Anyway, i am NOT famous at all compare to some bloggers out there.. i just blog for fun, not for money or fame.. but of course if i do get extra income out of it, it'd be nice :D hehe..  honestly, i did get upset with some nasty comments and also when no one commented on my blog, buuuuut i'm over it ;)

I just had a conversation with a fellow blogger and he told me that there's too many unknown bloggers around.. and some, they really spoiled the reputation of a blogger.. Eg; some blogger just take advantages of being a blogger, they think that they have exclusivity.. that they can ask for free food, getting VIP invites to events or get sponsored..

I mean, it would be great IF some company or people approached you for sponsorship or invite you for an exclusive event BUT NOT the other way round where you go out and ask/beg for it.. and please don't think you could be a diva just coz you're a blogger =.="

These are just my 2 cents, sorry if i offended anyone