Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Remember my previous post which i blogged about the 'Kings and Queen' comedy? Remember how excited i was to know that it's happening again this year? Went straight to RockCorner to purchase, not one, not two BUT 6 tickets which was rm128 each..

Now Groupon is selling the rm128 tickets for... rm78!! WTF right? me and my friends feel so cheated..

Should we boycott their event next year?

*remark: due to the quick response to my complaint email, i will attend the NEXT 'Kings & Queen'! :) hopefully they will bring back Kumar? :p


The Mrs Blogs said...

Haha I forgot to text you earlier, wanted to tell you the same. Was shocked when I saw the deal on Groupon. Anyway hope they bring Kumar back next year, maybe then the tickets will all be sold out ;)