Tuesday, January 31, 2012

another holiday?

There will be another long stretch of holiday for us, Malaysians! :D yippie!! it's on the 1st Feb, 5th Feb and 7th Feb but for me, i only have 5th and 7th public holiday..

Anyway, it's good news for me.. as i'll be away from Malaysia from 3rd to 6th Feb and only be back on 7th Feb.. where am i going??

*drum roll*

Hat Yai!

Yes, i'm not going to some expensive europe country but am just going for a road trip with some friends to our neighbouring country..

Am dying for a good cheap thai massage and tom yum!! :P

ps: can't wait for this friday to come *excited*


Wong C. Martin said...

wow! Driving all the way up to Thai?

:: Nicole.F :: said...

yup yup but obviously not me who is driving or with my car :P~