Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Kings and Queen of Comedy Asia

It completely slipped my mind that i have not blog about this event until i went through my camera's memory card :P~

Attended the event with 3 couples and we had a good time laughing :D we were lucky to be upgraded to Gold tickets!

As usual, Mimi will be around for comedy night

Joanne Kam opened the show with a dance

And then continue with her R18+ jokes

Then it was Vivek Mahbubani from Hong Kong

Paul Ogata from Japan/USA

More dancing from Joanne Kam and the 'divas'

Harith Iskander from Malaysia with his signature white suite and pants

Last but not least, the cute Sugar Sammy from Canada

We definitely had a GOOD time laughing our asses off

We can't wait for next year! er.. i mean for this year, 2012 :)