Monday, November 19, 2012

6 years old and still alive?

My blog is more than 6 years old now.. it all started on 22nd May 2006.. out of boredom and a place for me to channel my rants, i registered on blogspot.. i didn't do it for money nor to be 'famous'.. so as you can see, i'm not a famous blogger :P

Blogging to me is a way for me to pour out my happiness or sadness BUT instead i've been judged and called gold digger.. readers who has absolutely NO IDEA what kind of a person i am will judge me.. yes i do admit that it was my fault.. i was young and naive.. thinking that this is MY blog and i can share my thoughts, feelings, and even the things i bought.. but sadly, no one would want to read all those.. so for me to avoid all the dissing and harsh comments, i blog ONLY about things which will NOT create any controversial issue..

If you've been following my blog for the past 6 years or maybe less, you'd notice that i've completely stop blogging about my life, thoughts and feelings.. it is now only about the events i attended and some adverts.. and due to my hectic working schedule, i didn't even have time to blog as often as before..

And now, i've just changed my job and hopefully i will have time to attend more events, widen my social network, blog and to increase my blog stats :P *fingers crossed*

So stay tune people! this blog will be ALIVE once again... hopefully... hahahaha!


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