Wednesday, December 26, 2012

christmas, new job and 2013 resolution?

It has been awhile since i blogged.. pardon for my lack of time and laziness :P

Anyway, it is still not too late to wish you, ALL of my readers (non-muslim)...

So, how did you celebrate this special occasion?

As for me, i spent the whole day with my mum and boboie..

Look how HAPPY he was! with 3 'girls' in his stroller :P hahaha

This year Christmas i've received 2 lil' Thomas Sabo charms

The lil' red London bus and the cute lil' scooter ❤ ❤ 

Oh oh, by the way.. did i mention that i've changed my job?? NO MORE late night set up, NO MORE staying back late and working during weekends, NO MORE traveling to KLIA and LCCT in the middle of the night..

I am currently now working with Libra Invest Berhad (formerly known as ECM Libra)

Yes, from the event industry i made the jump to banking industry.. now i have 21 days annual leave!! haha..

So what's my new resolution for my new job AND this coming New Year 2013?? hmmm.. lemme see.. i'd love to be able to achieve my long time dream/goal.. to own a....


In order for me to own and maintain this 'monster', i gotta earn 5 figure a month.. so... fingers crossed.. next year will be THE year for me to kick off my career!! :D


FireWire said...

i wonder what does a relationship manager do? to maintain the relationship between client and the bank before or after they made some transaction with the bank? or both?

:: Nicole.F :: said...

BOTH! :) our aim is to make every of our clients feel important and special