Wednesday, December 12, 2012


It has been quite sometime since i've updated about my life.. hmmm..

*wonder if anyone would be interested*

Anyway, i've resigned from my previous job at Spiral and now i'm currently working for Libra Invest (formerly ECM Libra).. it's an investment bank..

Also i'm waiting for my key to my new home! :D

Here are some photos of my soon-to-be home sweet home *taken from the internet* :-

Guard house

To the lifts

The gym above the swimming pool


The hot spa

The swimming pool area

The walkway

The unit comes with an alarm

The kitchen *it comes with the hood & hob*

The living room

Master bathroom

The other 2 bedrooms


Dry yard

I can't wait to to get the key!!!



FireWire said...

is it Puchong? I think I have a friend staying there right now :)

:: Nicole.F :: said...

yes it is! :D

Daredevil_76 said...

Congrats nicole! enjoy your new pad!