Wednesday, February 13, 2013


It is STILL CNY, so i am not too late to wish all my fellow blog reader who celebrate this festival..


Anyways, before CNY i received a phone call from my bank's lawyer and seems like the bank has FINALLY release the last payment to the Vendor.. which means i can take my house key ANYTIME in this month! wheeeeeeeeeeee~~~~

Now, i gotta find time to pack my stuff and get the movers to shift all of it to my new house once i get the plaster ceiling and electrical wiring done :P

This will be a very short post.. i will be sharing pictures of my boboie with you here! :)

7 kg sleeping on my chest!

The 'naked' boboie without his clothes

Talk to the 'hand'

The lazy dog

Slept til 12pm on the 1st day of CNY

Took him and my mum to Sid's pub for dinner

Til i blog again... have a good holiday everyone (to those who took leave)!!