Wednesday, February 06, 2013

chanel inspired?

As some of you might know that i've bought a place, i've decided to convert the smallest room into a walk in closet.. yes, i have an extra room! the place i bought has 3 + 1 room :D

And since i really love Chanel, i've decided too to make my place, Chanel inspired.. the colors would be mostly white, black and a hint of red..

I've started to buy some decor online, including these items :-

Chanel Paris canvas art (USD30)

Still Life Perfume Bottle Chanel No 5 Fine Art Pencil Drawing Print (USD14)

Audrey Hepburn Fine Art Print Pencil Drawing Portrait Classic Hollywood Vintage Glamour Beauty (USD14)

I can't wait for it to arrive!!

By the way, my cabinet in the walk in closet will be something like this :-

Am REALLY excited to get the keys now.. it could be anytime in this Feb! :D

*fingers crossed*