Tuesday, June 04, 2013


I was NEVER a fan of exercise.. i was never ever been athletic in school.. that is why i am never in a good shape..

Russ tried to make me exercise last time.. he made me play basketball with him and jogged with him.. AND i dreaded to go each time :P

I always thought that i can go on a diet.. no fast food, no cola.. during the period when russ left me, i was in depression.. i could go on in 2 days in a row of not eating.. then i tried to work out at home.. with the aerobics programme on astro and the dumbell.. i was 55kg..

After that i slacked BIG time! now my weight is 66kg!! argh!!! yea, in 4 years i gained 11kg.. dammit!

Now i am determine to shed it.. so when i moved to my new place, i make it a habit to at least exercise alternate days OR everyday for 6 days and rest 1 day..

I am not doing some crazy cardio or something.. i am just doing some treadmill, cycling and weightlifting.. not trying to get muscle but to just tone my body up

My gym is really nice.. overlooking the swimming pool..

Some dumbells

And of course some exercise machines

When i first started, i almost died.. i was only able to burn 200cals in an hour.. which means 30mins 100cals.. now on the treadmill, i can burn 100cals in 15mins.. for me i think it is not too bad considering that i NEVER exercise..

Also yesterday i burnt 100cals in 9mins on the bike..

I know that this all doesn't sound much compare to what other people is doing.. but i think it is a good thing for me.. at least i exercise now! hahahahaha...

Now i am cutting down on my fav food.. McD's fries! it is SUPER hard.. also, when i was doign my grocery, the junk food section is a section i find it hard to just pass by.. 

Anyways, my mum said my thighs got a lil smaller now.. so i am happy :D


Wong C. Martin said...

You can go all-out on those dumbells. Ladies won't gain bulky muscles like guys, unless you're on hormone medication. So no worries :)

Elyssa said...

Lets work together gal! You know I have been super busy since I had my kid and I still weigh 6kgs more even when my kid is going to turn two soon. So, at last I could not take it and bought a treadmill. Been going on it on daily busy (4-6 days a week at least). I have lost 2.5 kgs. I am in the land of food paradise, very hard want to cut down on that but I do control it a little more now :)

All the best!

:: Nicole.F :: said...

i need to buy a weighing machine to check my weight :P i only measure myself with my clothes.. if it is tight then i gained weight, if i can wear my bikini i lose weight.. hahaha

Elyssa said...

LOL. I have a weighing machine. Supposed to check monthly but I cannot stand it and check almost daily :P