Saturday, June 01, 2013

the singapore shopping?

Like i said on my previous post, of course i went shopping while i was in SG.. it is now the BIG sale in SG! :D

Anyways, this is the first trip which i went to SG alone :D but exploring Orchard Rd isn't my first time.. it was nice to be able to walk Orchard Rd again and reminisce the good ol' times..

This time around, i didn't get any designer items.. yes, you heard me right :P instead i got things which aren't for me!

Example, these cute lil paper clips.. the dolphin ones is for nikie while the cat ones is for cheryl (their fav animal)

Key clip is for me! as i always have a problem finding my keys in my bag.. a few times i felt my heart skipped a beat when i couldn't find my keys.. thought i lost it.. hehe :P

Bought some things for the house too..

A scent diffuser for my bathroom.. lemongrass fragrance <3 a="" bkk="" lot..="" me="" of="" p="" reminds="">

Some cord clips as well.. to organise the electrical cords

And some fake white calla lilies..

My all time fav flower.. told my friends before that if i ever get married, i'd want a bouquet of it :D

Ok ok, back to my post...

I also bought some baby stuff for my Angeli, my ex sister in-law

Yes, she's preggie and i am sooooooo excited for her.. the baby didn't want to show his/her gender hence we all don't know what baby clothes to buy and colour.. and since i know many people would buy those normal baby essentials, so i got her items which she'd never though of! hahaha..

Okay, so far overall i spent a good trip to SG.. can't wait to go there again soon :)

*fingers crossed*