Friday, July 19, 2013

glenmorangie hip hop party?

It has been awhile since i last partied.. usually i worked during the events while everyone was having a good time..

Glenmorangie had a hip hop party at Neverland last friday and i attended the event as a blogger :) i took an hour to figure out what to wear.. i do not have any bling bling or hip hop clothes.. so.. this was the best i could come up with :

Yes, it was NOT very hip hop..

Registration was at 9.30pm.. luckily there was no jam going into KL at that time and i arrived before 10pm..i was tagged and given an orange bling bling glasses to wear but first, the PHOTOWALL with Tim Chew..

I recognised all the familiar faces around when i stepped into Neverland.. it was like a mini reunion for me that night! my ex-colleagues were there, some bloggers from MHB, Ash from G2, Michael from MHD and a few friends whom i got to know from ZTH forum..

There was a Glenmorangie bar (of course!)

(pic courtesy of tim chew)

And some jeroscope (as decor)

(pic courtesy of tim chew)

I remembered i had to charge these jeroscope last time :P

Anyways, as usual it was time for photos for the MHB bloggers

(pic courtesy of tim chew)

The crowd was entertained by a couple of singers from Thailand and dancers

This was me with the cool glasses

Overall, we had a good time.. and i was ALMOST drunk! yea.. crazy friends opened bottles of champagne, glenmorangie and belvedere.. drank them like drinking water, straight from the bottle!

Here's an up close picture of the cool glasses :


rych said...

Just thought about visiting this blog this morning (i can't even remember the exact url but nothing that google can't do)Wow, this blog is still alive! and you've put on weight.

:: Nicole.F :: said...

rych, haha.. yea my weight goes up and down.. when i am sad and depressed i'll lose weight