Saturday, August 03, 2013


Not sure if you've heard of Eubiq but i came across this when i was shopping with Russ at Ace Hardware for Armanee.. so it was like ages ago.. we were interested to install it but t was too late as our contractor at that time already installed the switches and power outlets..

Recently, i found out that Eubiq came out with a nicer and sleek design for their adaptors.. and i have to get it!

Wondering what is Eubiq? before you start to google it, Eubiq is 'The World's Most Flexible Power Outlet System'

How flexible you would ask.. well let me show you some pictures

This is how we usually organise our plugs.. the more conventional basic way

This is Elepod, it can support up to 7 outlets and it has a built in surge protector.. also in the set it comes with 3 classic adaptors..

This is a premium USB adaptor

Just slot it into the power track

Turn it to 45 degrees

And TA DAH! the LED blue light will light up when it is on

The classic adaptors will have a small red light

The overall view (front & side view)

The comparison 

I personally like the Eubiq as it looks stylish.. it can be consider as part of the house decor..

Check out their website for more products and if you want to buy it, i do know someone who is selling it cheaper than the outlet :)

Now, please excuse me.. i want to 'play' with the Eubiq.. hehe :P


Unknown said...

Hi, can you recommend the person whom is selling the adaptors cheaper?
I have 6 of the tracks at home but the last owner took all the adaptors away, so need to replace all of them, looking at buying 12 first

:: Nicole.F :: said...

hi amanda,

his name is joey and honestly, his price is a lil cheaper from the outlet but if u are buying 12, try ask for cheaper ya.. his number is 017-202 9719