Thursday, August 22, 2013

free lens?

Sometime last July, i received an email from the Brand Ambassador Manager of Glasses Online, Daniela asking if i'd be interested to be an Ambassador for them.. instantly i agreed to it as i love sunglasses..

Well, i used to wear glasses when i was young.. from 7 years old all the way to 18 years old.. then from 18 years old onwards i switched to contact lens :P by 21 years old, i did my eye LASIK and even i do not have the perfect 100% eyesight, i no longer NEED to wear glasses..

So right now, i just wear sunglasses and occassionally color contact lens..

Daniela asked me to choose a pair of color lens from their website, and they will send a pair to me for free trial :)

By end of July, i received my package!

Yesterday i've received another email, and this time Daniela gave me e-vouchers to give away to my readers! :D

All you need to do

1) check out
2) pick out the items that you want to get
3) upon checkout, type in gift code GOnicolefoong20 in order to get the RM20 off

ps: it only applies on purchases above rm100

Now, please excuse me.. i gotta get my dinner ready and stay tune for my review and photos on the lens that i received