Thursday, February 26, 2015

the borgata affair..

The Borgata Affair is the 2nd event i attended which was organised by Mat Canyon, but this time around it's a collaboration between MC x La Famiglia, food truck..

It all happened last October at a multi level car park in Petaling Jaya.. when i arrived, there were a long queue of cars waiting to go in to find a nice parking spot.. the attendees were mostly JDMs; toyota supra, nissan skyline, nissan silvia, mazda rx7 and etc.. but there were some old skools as well and some local made cars which were slammed down with negative chambers..

Here's a video from Mat Canyon covering the event

Mat Canyon x La Famiglia | The Borgata Affair from Mat Canyon on Vimeo.

ps: photos credited to Niick TV and 7tune

Monday, February 23, 2015

coffee run with the BIG boys

It was last year's Boxing Day.. it started off with my 'taxi driver' asking me if anyone else wants to join for the coffee run.. so i posted on my fb before afternoon, asking if anyone wants to go with us.. luckily everyone was spontaneous enough..

To my surprised, there was like 68 comments! haha.. besides this, i've invited a couple more of my guy friends via whatsapp

We started off at the petrol station along Karak highway.. waiting for the boys to arrive.. as we were half way, it started to drizzle.. and my 'taxi driver' pushed barney even harder.. NEVER once i ask him to slow down as i trust him; his driving skill and barney.. afterall, he is no stranger to the motorsport industry; with his driving experience

This was like my 2nd time coffee run with my 'taxi driver' but to him, it's like a routine.. btw, our first un-official date was a coffee run to Gohtong also.. haha

How i miss the coffee run now.. but most importantly, i miss him