Sunday, April 05, 2015

the 'i love you, you love me' Barney..

If you remember, the KE70 which i blogged not too long ago is name, CheeseRolla.. every car guy will name their car/s.. yes, they do.. and the boyf is no exception to this.. he name most of his cars, except the Honda Jazz.. thus i call it, the Jazzy Jazz.. haha..

Anyways, he is a fan of Nissan and he is a JDM guy.. so.. can you guess what cars he has? yes, he has the R32, R33 and a S13..

Now let's have a look of his gojira, the midnight purple Nissan Skyline GTR33 tuned by Garage R.. i am very sure he name it Barney coz of the purple color :P as he asked me to paint my baby Z to blue and name it Cookie Monster, haha

The first time he came over to pick me up was in Barney; coz our first un-official date was touge up Gohtong for Starbucks.. yes, this is a norm for us, car enthusiasts all in KL..

When i posted this photo up on FB, almost everyone knew whose car was it.. coz of the unique shifter and gearknob.. a monstrous barney 600+whp with a professional driver behind the wheel.. it is THE perfect combo.. i was a lucky girl BUT i am even luckier when i found out that the owner has a 'thing' for me :D

I was very fortunate to be able to have a chance to sit in Barney so soon.. as i realise many guys are in queue to have a ride in Barney.. oh well.. the perks of being a girl :P

The boyf really takes care of his cars.. he spends time fixing them, polishing them, washing them, DIY and etc.. but most importantly he drives them hard.. unleashing their full potential.. it's driven, not parked

Barney went for a photoshoot not too long ago with Mcclubz

At the end of the shoot, i requested this photo.. the more i look at it, the more am lovin' it :D

Some are personal photos took by me and the boyf

Here's a video of the boyf driving at Ulu Yam, 2 years ago.. yes he drove like this too when i was in the car

How i miss sitting in Barney.. but i miss the owner/driver more.. he is right, it will be hard for any guy to impress me now.. coz it will have to take another crazier driver than him in order to do so :P

ps: oh did i mentioned, all his Nissan cars are 'pure. race. cars.' two don't have a air-cond and all no radio.. who needs I.C.E when we could enjoy the sound of the monster