Thursday, April 02, 2015

female car enthusiast..

Just recently i had a talk with my mum.. she has been asking me to change my baby.. for the l o n g e s t time.. she said, it is time.. according to her my baby is old.. i tried to explain to my mum why i love cars, my baby z especially.. she just doesn't get it.. so all i said at the end was 'i like driving. fast.'

Most people are quite curious about my passion for cars.. of all the things, why cars? the automotive industry are dominated by males.. well... my passion started since i was 18 years old.. and it has been 16 years now and counting.. i consider myself quite fortunate as how things fell into place..

When i was 18 years old, my first car was a Proton Iswara 1.5L AT.. it was from my mum.. back then i've no knowledge on cars and all i knew was to drive it.. fast.. haha.. then my mum got me a Kia Spectra after a couple of years.. upgraded from a 1.5L to 1.6L.. haha.. back then i already started to develop my love for cars..

Passion grew after i met Russ, my ex husband (9 years ago).. we met on ZeroToHundred, ZTH forum and we clicked instantly.. we were young, in love and share the same passion for cars.. yes, he was the one who drove the bayside blue Nissan Skyline GTR34 Vspec (HKS tune) from Garage R.. he thought me a lot about cars coz i was asking him too many questions.. while he was away for work, i was the one who kept him up-to-date with the modification progress of his baby.. i started to learn about the parts, the brands, tuners and etc..

And when he was back, we always go for drives.. he took me out for car gatherings with the skyline boys; that's where i met most of the guy friends which i have today.. i always pushed Russ to drive harder and faster.. i just love to hear the sound of the RB.. inline six.. music to my ears..

As Russ knew about my passion for cars had grew, he got me my baby Z.. he knew the Nissan Fairlady 350Z was my dream car.. i just fell in love with it when it was first launched (not when it was in Tokyo Drift).. the curves.. yummy.. we searched high and low for a mint condition Z from car dealers.. Tan Chong wasn't selling it here brand new.. the first Z we saw was in JB.. drove all the way down south in the R34; not that he was complaining.. as he got to drive his baby, haha..

The Z which we saw was modified; with big GT wing, loud exhaust, 19" rims and it was in blue! i love it BUT Russ was kinda skeptical.. after thinking long and hard, he decided it was best to get a mint stock condition Z (even though it will cost bit more)

Alas, we found the Z one day.. it was perfect.. grey color, stock standard with Fujitsubo exhaust, brembo brakes and Bose system.. we kept the car standard for quite awhile.. haha.. who are we kidding? how can we, as car enthusiasts keep a JDM car stock standard?

Russ gave me an option, either to change rims OR exhaust.. so i went with a HKS hi-power exhaust with torched titanium tips.. he got it and installed it by N1 Racing.. we also took out the speedcut and got the Veilside kit..

My baby has been with me for 7 years now and people often are quite fascinated or curious how the hell i have my baby as a daily driven car.. i clocked 140,000+km on this baby in 7 years.. driving her to Penang-KL-JB-SG and vice versa.. all these years i have been quite fortunate as my baby didn't really gave me much big problem; maybe coz i kept her NA..

Okay, back to the topic.. i really do not know how to explain to people what made me love cars; especially when they asked me.. and not too long ago, i was being asked by Mat Canyon if he could interview me.. i was like... what for? he said probably i could tell my side of story how my passion for cars develop..

To be honest, i do not have a dad who love cars AND i do not have an ex bf who influence me into loving cars.. it just happened naturally and gradually.. maybe coz the sound of the engine, the wastegate, bov, exhaust? or maybe the G force that i get from driving the car? or maybe just plainly the power of the car? or the backfire/misfire?

All i know is that, i am attracted to cars NOT according to their brands of logo.. i believe that every car has their own pros and cons BUT for me.. i am truly a JDM girl *wink*

No one could understand my passion except the car guys and some car girls :) i still have a long way to learn.. not only on the car itself but how to handle a car as well.. from a AWD to RWD to FWD..

Some people might think that i wanted a Z just to show off; but if you do know me well enough.. i ride with the boys.. and i do not hesitate to ask the boys for a ride in their cars sometimes :P

To those who are reading this, yes.. you.. if we know each other coz of cars, i do appreciate your friendship.. to me, we are FAMILIA..

you ride. i ride

*fist bump*

Here i end this post with a video clip of the beloved bayside blue Nissan Skyline GTR34 V-Spec being tuned by Nezuka-san from Duke Racing after being stroked to 2.8L with 4inch ARC titanium exhaust


izso said...

You are a rare breed. Women car enthusiasts are extinct!

:: Nicole.F :: said...

haha.. u can still find them, just hidden.. met a few already :)