Monday, July 17, 2006

manual or auto?

Okay, i've promised my friend that i'd have a post dedicated to him.. it's because he's so kind and sweet enough to let me drive his brand new Nissan Silvia, S15.. i know that he was all tensed and stressed up while i drove.. hehe.. there's a reason why he was all that..

The Silvia is a manual car (duh, of course) and it's been 7 YEARS since i drove a manual car.. yeah, the last manual car i drove was the
SLK (Small Little Kancil) when i went for the driving test.. at first, i had problems putting the gear into reverse.. the engine died twice! the next attempt was a success! haha.. i managed to drive to KLCC all the way without the engine dying and the car stalling in the middle of the road.. hehe..

It was an awesome experience! truly a memorable one for me, at least :p so, here's a couple of pictures of the car i drove :-

Okay, okay, i didn't manage to take the actual picture of my friend's car but still this is a S15 and the same color as well! :p

Isn't "she" something? *drooling* can't wait to drive "her" again and hit 140kmph at least *wink*