Saturday, July 22, 2006

does the color white suits me?

nOops, i forgot to upload the pictures i took during the MTC (Malaysia Timber Council) dinner at Mandarin Oriental on 14th July 2006.. hehe..

The dinner was okay.. nothing to shout about AND i c
an't complain much as i didn't pay for it.. my boss paid RM 1,500 for a table there.. BUT i can say that, i felt hungry after the dinner.. haha.. yea, i am a big eater but then, wait... i didn't had lunch so that was why :p

Here's a couple of pictures that me and my colleagues took.. t
he rest of it, are still pending.. waiting for my friend to send it to us.. below is our shameless pictures!

That's Faisal and Shazrina
(the 2 creative designers)

We are "FAMILY"! hehe..

Me and Shazrina @ Nurul..
she's a petite girl and younger than me!
and okay, my camera takes lousy pictures :p
but who cares?


manofwar4eva said...

yup i guess it does. i mean..if its formal then its either white or black. unless u wanna go radically hot with red. even cars...notice that white tends to be the trend now

Anonymous said...

From the photos of you wearing white that I've seen, yep it suits you perfectly!

:: Nicole.F :: said...

thanks guys :)