Friday, July 14, 2006

what is veilside?

Below is some info about Veilside :~

The VeilSide showroom sits nearby the Tskuba Circuit on the outskirts of Tokyo. VeilSide. Co., Ltd. was established in September 1990 by Yokomaku Hiranao. The name is derived from Yokomaku's name, "maku" meaning veil, "yoko" meaning side.

In the period directly following VeilSide's establishment, the company's focus directed towards performance tuning. At the 1991 Tokyo Auto Salon's custom car contest, VeilSide won Grand Prize in the Tuned Car Category despite that it was the first time the company had ever participated in the event. Soon after, Yokomaku's firm won trophies in the Dressed Up Car and Complete Car Categories as well. Soon after, Veilside originated the combat series, which sparked many other companies into a new era of aero-styling.

Today, VeilSide's dedication to precision and detail still prevails above all industry standards. Whatever it may be, from aesthetics to performance, they assure you that their products are created with uncompromising research and last but not least, endless passion.

If you guys watched "Tokyo Dirft", you'd have notice that the cars are from Veilside.. from the moment i saw the RX-7 which was driven by Han, i immediately fell head over heels in love with it..

Here's a couple of pictures to proof why i'm going nuts over this beauty :-

Ahhhhh... presenting this beauty.. isn't "she" lovely?

There "she" is again... crusing along...

Those spinning wheels.. i wonder how much is "she" doing... hmmm...

Ta dah! It's the inside.. isn't "she" remarkable?


Anonymous said...

Oh my.. thats lovely! I love the interior!

manofwar4eva said...

nice spinners.....super expensive jewellery for a car

:: Nicole.F :: said...

sigh.. that is why i can only drool over it :(