Wednesday, November 29, 2006

am i strong enough?

20th Nov 2006
My hubby is back! yeah, he was gone for a week and he's back to re-do his visa.. i don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing.. sigh.. he has to take almost 30 hours of flight back here just to do the visa BUT he said it's all worth it.. coz he can spend another few days with me :) went to KL Sentral to pick him up in the afternoon.. when i saw him at McD, he looked thin.. he lost alot of weight and my heart felt pain.. coz if someone lose weight, it means that they're not happy and not eating right.. it feels good to be able to hold his hand once again and to kiss him..

21st Nov 2006
We went to JPN to do my hubby's new IC (Identity Card) which is the MyKad.. it comes with a 64k chip.. without the new IC, my hubby can't renew his passport.. so we spent half a day there.. waiting and waiting and waitin
g... never ending..

22nd Nov 2006
Went to the immigration Department to renew my hubby's passport as he only has 1 page left! spent many many hours there waiting.. WTF! we went to Aquaria, KLCC later on at night and it was my hubby's first time there.. we took... i mean he took alot of pictures of me! and also the fishes.. hehe.. for pictures, pls click here.. after seeing the fishies, i was hungry.. of all the food, i chose to go to the Manhattan
Fish Market to eat fishies! LOL...

Here are a couple of pictures my hubby took :-

Me waiting anxiously for our food *yummy*

Oh no!! our food is being burn.. burn baby burn.. lol.. our prawns turned black :p

Here's our seafood platter for TWO!

23rd Nov 2006

Back to JPN to collect the new passport BUT still have to wait for a few hours.. at least 3 hours! then we went to Sunway Pyramid to buy a printer but ended up, also paying deposit for MY black Apple Macbook.. we got a HP Deskjet F380 (all in 1 - printer, scanner, copier) for less than RM300! cool, eh?

24th Nov 2006
My hubby's interview with the US Embassy is a
round 9.20am.. he took my car and went there himself.. and me? zzzzzzzzz-ing at home.. hehe.. went to KLCC for lunch and i went to Topshop to try an outfit..

Below are 2 pictures of it:-

Here's the front view.. yeah, cleavage showing.. hehe..

And here's the back showing view! :) but as usual, i didn't buy it :p

25th Nov 2006
Went to 1Utama to shop.. bought a noise cancelling earphone from Sony as my hubby wanted one..

This is how it looks like :-

Click on it to enlarge and view


Spent time checking out furnitures for our new condo at Midvalley :)

27th Nov 2006
Went to collect the new visa and to 1Utama for a movie.. finally we managed to catch James Bond, Casino Royale.. met up with Justin at Subang for a drink and then we ALL went to Morac to watch drifting.. tickets are RM5 each.. we also took the power supply from Justin as he owe us when we bought the Bose system earlier on.. hehe..

28th Nov 2006
Time flies.. sigh... went to the bank in the afternoon and to meet the insurance agent.. spent our last night together at home..

Sent my hubby off to KL Sentral this morning at 7.20am.. his flight was at 10am.. it was so hard to say goodbye.. i came home after sending him and went back to bed.. the room becomes cold and empty as he's not here with me.. i miss him dearly.. but i know i've to be strong for him.. to wait for his return.. come back soon, baby! i LOVE you *muacks*

p/s: don't underestimate my will power of waiting for my hubby to return as i know i'm strong enough

Monday, November 13, 2006


Finally after for so long since my last hamster died, i got a new one! it's a syrian hamster.. i hope he won't bite.. anyway, i'm really bad at giving names.. so can anyone help me? pls.... and i hope he can be a REALLY good companion coz i'm lonely.. my hubby went off to work again! yea.. again.. so now i'm just counting the days til he's back.. haih...

Btw, as for my hammie pictures.. he's a
lil shy today.. so i'm just gonna take pictures of him tomorrow only.. so stay put on this page :) thanks!

14th Nov 2006
Now, i have a name for my lil hammie.. his name will be 'rusty'! hehe.. he's such a cute and adorable creature.. he sleeps like a pig! it's so hard to wake him up.. i thought he died.. sigh.. lil rusty is just like my hubby.. yea, the way he sleeps..

I woke him up for a photo shoot.. hehe.. here's a few :-

This is rusty's lil home.. nice? it comes with a wheeeeeeeeeelie

This is HIM! isn't he cute?

Upclose and personal.. hehe.. he doesn't bite.. hopefully he'd never bite me :)

'Am i adorable?' i love him so much.. can see the ring i'm wearing? my hubby got it for me :)

Sunday, November 12, 2006

where is MY baby?

Time passes by so fast when we're having fun.. sigh.. my baby left already after just 3 weeks plus he got back from offshore :( now he's on a plane flying off.. i guess he'd be back only by next year.. i miss him terribly.. sleeping now on my bed feels so different coz he's not here hugging me to sleep *tears rolling down my cheek* he's not here to keep me warm, to take shower, eat, sleep and etc.. he's just not here anymore :'(

How i wish that he doesn't have to go.. i'd give up EVERYTHING just to have him here with me.. now.. i just don't know how to go through this.. i know i've to be strong but... it's just too hard.. at least for now..

I should be hitting the bed now.. will try to get some sleep while hugging his t-shirt.. please come back soon.. i LOVE you

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

nice nails?

At last on 05th November 2006, i went for my 1st EVER manicure session.. thank you baby for pickign up the tab :) i was at Sunway Pyramid when i broke my pinky finger nail.. i've been waiting for my nails to grow long so i can go for a manicure.. so when my nail broke, i was devastated.. at once, i asked my baby to take me for a manicure.. of all the manicures, i chose a french manicure.. mostly all celebrities will go for this.. it gives a very natural look to the nails..

Below are some pictures which are taken by my baby :-

This is a nail cutter.. cool, eh?

Then the manicurist files my nails :) that swift movement.. whoa..

There she is! my manicurist.. so attentive.. i likeeeeeeeeee...

That's me!! first time my nails being pampered.. lol..

Now she's gently pushing back cuticles using a rubber hoof stick.. it's not painful BUT my baby said it looks painful to him.. silly baby *hugz*

After putting a layer of base coat, 2 layers of pinkish paint and another 2 layers of the white strip, she finally finished it off with a coat of translucent shell-pink polish over the entire nail to seal the whitened tip and complete the look :)

There! it's finished!! are my nails pretty? see the small lil fan? it's to blow dry my 6 layers of coat on my nails..

I was a very satisfied customer that day.. hehe..

The end product was VERY magnificent.. do you agree?

If anyone wants to do your own french manicure, click here

So, after the manicure my baby drove us home.. we packed as fast as we can and headed to Penang.. we spent 2 nights at Penang.. my baby took me back to his home to meet his BIG family :) i must admit that i was VERY nervous as i was meeting them for the 1st time.. but soon, i got comfortable with them as they're very nice people..

On 07th November 2006, my baby drove us home.. we arrived quite late at home.. my poor baby.. was driving the whole night but then you had 'fun', right? hehe.. on 10th November 2006 was our BIG day and it changed our lives :) i LOVE you, my baby..