Tuesday, September 11, 2007

i, drove a.. ?

Although my bb beat me to it, i still want to blog about this memorable event which happened a few days ago.. hehe.. probably most of you guys have already read it BUT wth :p~

As ALL of you guys know that i'm TOTALLY ABSOLUTELY in love with the Z, i test drove one not long ago.. thanks to Razlan who just passed us the key and gave his permission to us to 'thrash' it.. hahaha..
It was an AWESOME experience.. i NEVER thought i'd be driving a Z ever since i laid my eyes on it a few years back.. coz i know i'd not be able to afford it (when it first came to our shore, it was about RM300+k) AND also my mom was against me having a 2 door car =.=

The Z is everything what i expected it to be :) yea, the steering wheel is abit heavy BUT i still can managed it.. it has a 3.5 liter V6 engine compare to my 1.6 liter spectra engine that i have now.. the Z isn't THAT big as i can still do an illegal U-turn :p~ i don't feel like a midget sitting in the car as some people told me.. the brakes do a good job even though it's stock standard.. i just ABSOLUTELY worship the Z *bow bow*

Below are some pictures of me in the Z :-

Jealous, huh? :p~ the Z is one SWEET ride.. can't wait to get my hands on it again *hint hint*

Anyway, i've been researching for some time now on some body kits for the Z.. how can me, ride in a stock standard car around.. it's just sooooooooooo NOT me.. hahahaha.. i've to live up to my reputation on ZTH as the car 'Chick Modder'.. muahahahaha *evil laugh* just joking :p~

I found a nice looking set of body kit on the net.. it's from Amuse.. tell me what do you think of this :-

ps: bb, do i have to pay for the copyright to your pics that you took? i don't want to get sued from you, you know :p~ i can pay you in a different mode of 'payment' tonight *wink wink*


lovegoddess said...

the silver colour body kit is definitely a YES Nic !! No.1 choice !! shows off more contour and sexyness of the car !!

also, i often don't like dark hues on car..turn off la.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

ok...paying off differently eh..getting kinky over here..

350z eh..u lucky girl..only get to drool at it on the streets so far..

nawooz said...

the bodykit gels together fine, except that rear spoiler. kinda out of place on the sexy Z butt.

:: Nicole :: said...

lovegoddess: i'm thinking of the metallic grey OR the blue.. to match with russ's car :p

joe: yea.. so lucky to b able to drive it.. i miss driving it already :(

nawooz: er.. which body kit u referring to? the black INGS body kit or the silver Amuse body kit?