Monday, September 10, 2007


WARNING: this is a 'filthy' post.. do not proceed if you've just eaten.. ok ok, it's not THAT bad :p

Have you ever been to a petrol station's toilet? remember how stinky and dirty it was? with no toilet paper OR water to flush.. FEAR NO MORE! i found a nice 'refreshroom' at 1 of the many many petrol stations in PJ which kinda reminds me of my own bathroom.. SERIOUSLY =.=

Here's the pictures :-

Do you want to know where is this nice looking 'refreshroom' is located? i found it at Caltex's in TTDI.. the wall tiles are the same design as the one we use for our condo AND we gonna put the same kind of glass to separate the WC from the basin..

I was like whoa! when i saw this toilet.. most importantly, it has TOILET PAPER!! i thought i was hallucinating.. haha.. so i quickly grabbed my phone and snapped a few pics :p~ thumbs up for THIS toilet :)


jasonphoon said...

oh wow ! that's waayyy too clean for a toilet in a petrol station.

I miss how Projet used to have super clean toilets, but then malaysian service culture kicked in and we have dirty toilets again!

ps: notice the woman symbol on the door? it's like she has a headache or something ...

Russ said...

hehe, dun worry baby, our toilet will be much, much better.. :P

Jason: Looks more like she's layed-back and relaxing on the floor.. :P

Hedonistics Anonymous said...

whoa. i've never been to a petrol station toilet before. interesting.

then again, i would rather hold it in than use public toilets (except in hotels) unless i really REALLY cannot tahan anymore.

lovegoddess said... nice of Caltex to do up a more than decent looking toilet - its quite a rare find in petrol stations in deed !!

but i wish all public toilets in M'sia - malls, petrol kiosks etc..install water bidets as well ! mush wash laa..only toilet paper not enuf