Wednesday, September 26, 2007

a month already?

OMG!! it's been a month already since my bb came home from work.. SHIT! this means that he'd be leaving soon for work :( i SERIOUSLY despise that.. i can't bear to be away from my bb again :'(

Anyway, i've to say sorry for neglecting my blog for some time now.. it's almost 3am and this time is my time to stay up late to blog.. most of my time my bb will stay up instead of me :P i got so much to blog but everytime when i want to blog, it's either late at night already as i need my beauty sleep or i'd just rather spend my time with my bb..

We'd be heading off to Singapore in like 4 hours time.. hopefully we'd find our way around.. this time we'd be driving down instead of flying.. we need a MAP!!! we just HAVE to find our way to Orchard Rd and the rest, it'd be easy for us as i DO NOT intend to venture out from Orchard Rd :P hahahah.. it's a shopping heaven!!!

Okay okay, i REALLY gotta sleep now.. wanna snuggle and hug my bb to sleep :) tata~

ps: stay tune for more pics and updates.. i promise :)


Adrianne said...

Great to see that you're enjoying yourself! Don't forget to update about your shopping sprees. Have fun!