Thursday, November 15, 2007


Okay okay.. this will probably have the most pictures ever on 1 post :) errr... i think so :P

First of all, i went to our condo to overlook the renovation.. our furniture were delivered BUT it's all unopened as there's not much space to store the assemble furniture so i think it's better to leave them in the box first!

When i arrived, the jacuzzi was already upstairs in our bathroom :-

Before the people from Floor Depot install the laminated floor, i took a few pictures of the entrance, under staircase and kitchen tiles :-

Here is the process of the installation of the laminated floor in our bedroom :-

Oh yea, our floor actually has texture on it! and flowers as well :) see :-

Thought of connecting the flowers together BUT it's too random.. we can do it actually but some of it are repeats and furthermore we'd have to open ALL the boxes and do it like a jigsaw puzzle! so forget it then.. it still lokos nice, righttttttttt?

Meanwhile on a totally different topic, as i woke up today i got an email from my bb.. so here it is to my GTR freak bb :-

Yeap bb, i got the whole set for you :) good luck in figuring out the manual.. it's ALL in japanese!! now, do you love me more?? heheh..

Advertorial : we're looking for a mechanic to handle all the tools and the hoist.. if you're in 1:18 scale, please feel free to contact me


Russ said...

Baby!! U bought me the GTR whole set!! Yay!! hehehe...

The pics look good, laminated flooring, jacuzzi, kitchen tiles... Thanks for the update n pics bebee...

Oh, and guys looking at u checking u out eh? :P

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

wow..looking good..when ur house warming?

:: Nicole.F :: said...

bb: well u wanted it, right? :) everytime when u come back from work, i'd have a present for u.. so here it is now :)

joe: u gonna come for our house warming or not? :P

Anonymous said... will be so tire when all is done and need a clean up :P

:: Nicole.F :: said...

our contractor do clean up for us.. they'd wash the house 1 time first before installing the wardrobes and then 1 more time when it's all done :) BUT then also i have to follow up!

Horny Ang Moh said...

Woah! The house will look very very modern after being done!!! Have a nice day!