Wednesday, November 21, 2007

would you proceed or... ?

I came across purple~mushroom's blog a few nights ago and she has an interesting post.. i'd too like to know what's your answer to this scenario :-

There is a new gal in your office. Pretty, sweet, hot, friendly. Both of you can get along well. You like her personality. You always try to catch a glimpse of her whenever you could and noticed that she is always looking at you as well. Each time your eyes locked, she will smile the monalisa smile at you. You think she likes you but could not be sure and you just tell yourself don’t be ‘perasan’ la.

One night, after a company gathering, you and another few colleagues went to a nearby pub to have a drink. She sat beside you and you somehow feel glad that she is sitting beside you. Both of you chat. As it was getting late, most of the other guys went home, leaving only you and her in the pub. It was a normal and fun chat. Both of you kept looking at each other and you really enjoyed her company. Both of you were attracted to each other. You somehow think that if you are single, you will probably go after this gal.

Suddenly, or very naturally, she puts her hand on your thigh.

Would you proceed or move her hand away?

ps: this is for guys who are attached


Russ said...

I'll aske her to 'raba' my private part while she's down there.


:: Nicole.F :: said...





*sob sob*

*run away*

Anonymous said...

haha , the domestic squabble above this comment is hilarious ..

ok , as to your question. I would. Cause I'm attached to an open relationship :P

Purple~MushRooM said...

Oi!! Copyright entry. Haha!
I have asked Zewt to post it on his blog as well and I believe we can get many answers there.

Russ... be prepared to have your ears pulled out by Nicole. Muahaha!

Anonymous said...

Been in the situation, but the opposite. he made his approached 1st. I was attached. But I know hes been trying to get to know me for a few months. We see each other everyday at work. At a company function, that scenario happened.

Well, long story short, we are getting married next month after dating for a year. :)

:: Nicole.F :: said...

mr jp: as most guys, u think with your 'other' head.. right?? :P

purple~mushroom: yikes! i link your blog on this post.. right?

yea yea.. wait til he's back then i'd pull his ears.. grrrrrrrrr....

may: CONGRATS!! :) to u and kevin

Anonymous said...

I wouldnt mind to please the woman..hehehehe