Wednesday, June 18, 2008

where is me?

I am still very much ALIVE :P hahahaha.. thanks guys for waiting patiently for my updates :) i've been staying alone without internet for the past... er... a week?

Now, i got so much to update.. don't know where to start.. hehehe.. hmmmm.. wait *checking my cell phone's pics*

For the past 1 week, i've been busy.. yea.. busy with events and also chilling/hanging out with friends :) here's my breakdown on my 3 busiest days :-

13th June @ Motorsport Playground, Sunway

I was being invited to our friend, remus shop in sunway.. it's NOT another car workshop but it's more to a lifestyle thingy.. people can just chill at his place, have some drinks, chat, go online and etc.. remus sells everything from customize car stickers to t-shirts to car parts to car perfumes to men's facial products and etc.. oh yea, you can even have an event at his shop.. dj will be provided :) check out the pictures below :-

14th June @ 2008 Japan GT roadshow, Times Square

I got an early sms from remus.. it was about 9.45am.. asking me if i'm interested to display the Z for the GT car lookalike.. i told him that the Z doesn't even have stickers or wide bodykit or at least a GT wing, so how am i gonna take part in that lookalike contest.. but he insisted me to come over for fun..

So, i rolled out from my comfy bed and headed for shower.. then i drove home, picked boboie up for his regular shower, left him there and went over to Times Square.. i arrived about 11am-ish.. the guy at the entrance showed me the way to park my car =.=" i was like.. oh no.. i'm NOT taking part.. but it was too late.. before i know it, some guy came to me and asked me to fill up the contest form.. i filled it and was NOT expecting to win.. remus and the rest of the guys came half an hour later..

I didn't bring my camera so i've to make use of what i got.. yeah, my 2MP phone camera.. here are my lousy pics :-

We (car owners) adjourned inside to the concourse at about 3pm-ish.. i managed to take a couple of shots :-

We all went up to the stage to receive some goodies and they announced the 10 winners for the 2008 SuperGT lookalike competition.. check out the pic below to see who are part of the winners! you'd be stun.. hahahaha

Muahahahahaha.. yea, the Z will be in part of the convoy with the GT cars on the track!! i was surprised!! how can my plain looking stock Z with NO GT wings can win???? nevertheless, i'm happy :)

For more car pics, you can visit OR just click here for part 1 and here for part 2 of the event.. and if you want to see more chicks pics, click here

15th June @ GTR showroom, bangsar

I went to meet up EJ, Leonard and Wern Shen @ the skyline boys at Jaya 1.. we had our lunch there and later adjourned to see the GTR up close and personal.. heheehehe.. just let the pics do the talking :-

More nicer pics and technical info of the R35, click here to EJ's blog.. overall, i totally got myself occupied with outings/meetings and dinners..

Oh before i forget, monday night i went to meet up with the skyline boys AND i was the ONLY girl there.. hahaha... i didn't feel out of place instead i feel so much better hanging out with the boys talking about cars, petrol price increased, girls and etc rather than hanging out with girls who bitches, back-stabbing and gossiping *bluuuek*

ps: this piece of news would be GREAT news IF it ever do happen.. coz we would save about rm7k every year for our cars :P~

ps: anyone wants to buy grandstand tickets for this upcoming Japan GT for rm70??

ps: stay tune for coverage of the Japan GT race in sepang this weekend!! :)


Eugene said...

Sweet... Real sweet... These days been seeing a lot of pictures of the new GTR... I'm getting sick of it really... getting sick of just seeing the pictures and not owning one!!!!!!!!

Leo said...

If you want to buy one, come look for me... *grin*

Jin Han said...

i drive it everyday!! on the ps3.... hard to control though the F430 is much easier

deedee said...


The Mrs Blogs said...

Finally, a pic of your new hair do, nice! And cool cars too, congrats :)