Sunday, June 01, 2008


I've MOVED!! i spent 2 nights at our home sweet home.. i've used the jacuzzi too! :) now i'm at my mum's place online and to visit boboie.. gosh, i miss him.. the Astro guy just came over to install the Astro hence i got TV entertainment now.. wheeeeeeeeeee~ signed up for 2 years contract..

I've been enjoying staying alone.. without my mum switching off the air cond by 10am to wake me up =.= i can sleep til 12pm :) i can walk naked at home too :P~

Oh oh, my bb called me yesterday.. he was using the satellite phone.. he said it's quite expensive to call but he was worried about me.. he called to ask how are things, how's everyone, how's boboie, how's the Z and etc.. told me he will be back early this month OR middle next month.. BUT before i get too sex-cited excited, it's NOT confirm yet on the date he's coming back *sigh*

Here's just A pic which i took last night :-

That's what on my side table.. isn't the table lamp pretty?? :P touch any part of the metal to switch it on AND off! isn't it cool too?? muahahahaha!

Stay tune for more pics..

ps: i killed a lizard last night for the very first time in my ENTIRE life! !$^#% lizard fell onto my hand so i smacked it with some newspaper AND swept it out from my house.. hmph!


MayWong said...

congrats dear!!!!!!!

when are you inviting us over for house warming? hahahaha

Kay said...

I am sure looking forward to more pics!

darius said...

hehe... lizards, i kill them whenever i get the chance... lolz! whack till all the isi perut all comes out... hehe...