Tuesday, September 16, 2008

a cf phone?

Finally someone has come out with a carbon fibre phone!! altho it's made from carbon fibre but still it weighs 150g *sigh* why??? even my phone weighs 94g only.. the 8800 carbon arte body is made from carbon fibre and titanium so isn't that supposed to be light???

Here are some pictures of the phone.. courtesy from gsmarena.com

The Nokia 8800 series has always been the 'expensive and stylish but not many functions' phone.. this is a collector's phone i must say.. so whoever who has USD1.6k to spare, you can get this phone by end of this year or probably early next year..

Just too bad i can't afford this and also the lousy 3.15MP camera is a turn off :P


Anonymous said...

Im craving to get the new LG SECRET..JUST LOVE IT

:: Nicole.F :: said...

er.. how much is it? i just checked it out.. not bad :) probably might get it for my hubby :P~

FireWire said...

the titanium is bringing the weight down i suppose. nokia is losing it's appeal as the design rather a turn off for me.

i wonder what phone you are using currently. hehe.

:: Nicole.F :: said...

firewire: titanium supposed to be very light right? er... coz my hubby's titanium exhaust is DAMN light.. can carry with 1 hand :P

anyways, yea i do agree that nokia design sucks now.. that is why my previous phone and now also it's from SE :) me using the S500.. lousy 2MP camera but nice design.. hehehehe..

Anonymous said...

well best price for LG SECRET on lelong.com.my is RM 1,748.00