Thursday, September 18, 2008


Some guy sent me a message on friendster, 14th sept 2008 at 12.29am which sounds like this :-

i'm really shame..but i can't stay like this anymore..
it's really sad,but damn true..
i'm almost 28years old..but i'm stil virgin..doesn't have sex experience at all..
it's sound funny..but it's damn true..
i'm just a lonely guy at night..just watching tv in my room after work..
and nowdays..i feel sooooo boring with this life..and i'm really feel wanna have sex..but i'm afraid..but i want.. isk..
well..i hope,i'm really hope that u don't get me wrong..
i'm a nice guy..and i'm not a sex maniac..instead,i don't have any sex experience at all..
and now..i'm really hope can get know fall in love with u..
coz..u r beautiful..n u attract me..
it's true..
really hope to hear from u soon..
please call/sms me..017-*******..
i don't go to surf always..
really hope to hear from u..
take a good care,baby..

WHAT THE??? no one calls me baby except my hubby, OKAY?? *eyes rolling*

I gave this dude a short and simple answer :-

can't help u as i'm already happily married to a good looking guy for 2 years now

hope u'd find your fuck buddy soon ;)

People are just so desperate nowadays.. i assume he send this message to all of the girls on his friendster's list AND female strangers (ME) =.=


FireWire said...

let me guess, he's in your Friendster list? time to spring clean.

Anonymous said...

why would you add strangers to your friendster account?

:: Nicole.F :: said...

he's NOT on my friend's list =.=

actually i need to get more privacy :P

Anonymous said...

cant believe you use that crap FRIENSTER until now...sigh

:: Nicole.F :: said...

anon: i still keep the profile but i never use it anymore.. not everyone has facebook

Anonymous said...

some of these people just forward the same msg to as much profile on friendster possible. u can actually block the profile from msging you any further actually..

Anonymous said...

ROFL @ your reply!

Do these retards really expect a genuine reply, I wonder?

Anonymous said...

Ahaha... I love your 2nd sentence to him, with a hint of sarcasm there.

Man these people need to get a life... We are in the 21st century for crying out loud.


Anonymous said...

can't help u as i'm already happily married to a [b]good looking guy[/b] for 2 years now

hope u'd find your fuck buddy soon ;)

Isnt that quite shallow as well? So its all about the looks? ^^

:: Nicole.F :: said...

anon: shallow? hello? my hubby is good looking to ME but might not to other ppl.. i answered THAT just to tell this desperate dude that i have a better looking guy than him!

my hubby said i'm the prettiest girl in the whole wide world.. so does that mean i am to other guys?? beauty is in the eye of the beholder

UNLESS u too think my hubby is good looking *wink*

:: Nicole.F :: said...

anon: AND what's wrong with me being happily married to a good looking guy?? i didn't marry him coz of his looks.. well, it's a BIG plus point that he's good looking.. even before i met him in person, i already fell in love with him over the phone..

oh well, now u gonna say that i marry him coz of money..

anyways, there's no point in explaining.. MY friends know the REAL me and most importantly, MY hubby knows what kind of a girl i am..

mouth is yours, so i can't stop u from blabbering that i'm shallow, i'm a bimbo, i'm materialistic and etc.. whatever *eyes rolling*

Anonymous said...

Take it easy. must be some one want kacau you or just made the idiot joke. My friends also got receive those msg but not same as your.

Anonymous said...

Lol...Nicole, you should have "played" along or maybe do an online Nigerian scam on him/her whoever it is.

Anonymous said...


Why so huffed up, no need to be so defensive (:

Anonymous said...

just dont bother it la nic

ppl ask to f**k u also u want to inform everyone in this planet a?

well well...

anyone sell cap here..:)

farizio said...

this kind of approach is why this guy is still a virgin.

:: Nicole.F :: said...

farizio: i think he should learn from u huh? some few tricks here and there.. LOL!

Anonymous said...

there are some things which gilrs feel shy to share..but in ur case ur quite open telling people that someone was interested in f***ing you...for God sake ur something some nice stuff not something tht highlights peoples interest in having sex with u...

all im trying to say is tht there are somethings which are woth posting and some which make u look so cheap...

:: Nicole.F :: said...

the comment above really shows that some certain ppl think using one side of their brain ONLY..

eg: i got an email from a friend.. an animation of a girl turning clockwise/anti-clockwise.. IF u see her turning clockwise, it means u're using your right brain and if u see her turning anti-clockwise means u're using your left brain BUT IF u can see it both ways, it means u can switch from using your right brain to left or vice versa..

so, to anon who commented that i look cheap... hmmm.. it means u're just using one side of your BRAIN.. coz to me, i see it as a joke.. something to laugh about.. i think only YOU has a problem with MY post.. YOU are using one side of your brain and think ONE sided..

anyways, it's MY blog.. if YOU do not like what u read, u can just NOT read it.. OK?

FYI, russ doesn't have a prob with my posting.. so why do i care about what OTHER ppl think when my hubby doesn't??

lovegoddess said...

geez..what a pathetic desperado..

i love the way you answer that perv - short & 2da' point !

yeah, some people are just primitively pathetic and stereotype! they don't know you like we do, so keep up with your say Nic !