Sunday, November 16, 2008

fake fish spa?

I was SHOCK to read about the fake fish spa from shadowfox, yukitee, pinkelle and precious pea.. can you spot the difference between the authentic Garra Rufa and the FAKE Garra Rufa??

Here are 2 pictures to show you :-



The fake ones, personally i think it looks like a small lil piranha

After reading all this, i quickly check back the pictures i took from the fish spa =.="

Last month on the 18th, i went to Kenko Reflexology & Fish Spa, Pavilion with bernice and evie.. it was my 1st time ever there..

Here are the pictures :-

So what do you think? are the fishes the REAL Garra Rufa or Fake Garra Rufa? from what i see on the pictures and what i saw when i went there, i THINK it's REAL Garra Rufa.. hmmmm... right??

Should i go there again?? er... yes, IF i want my feet to feels like baby smooth skin :P~

ps: it's not painful at all.. just ticklish.. hehehehe..


lovegoddess said...

ya la.. d fake ones look like baby pirahna *_*

why la..some shops so unethical and mean.. just to hv quick bucks put ppl's health in danger =.=

Be3^Be3 said...

We should try the fullbody fish spa... see where they bite!!

baggie said...

YERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR bee~!! you go urself ah that wan.... ZzzZZzzZzz....