Monday, November 03, 2008

sick weekend?

Brand new month.. aaah~ time flies.. anyways, time to blog about my weekend :) as everyone knows.. i mean my friends, that i'm sick BUT that did not stop me from going out and having a good time with my friends.. hehehe..

On saturday, me and serena attended the speed demon night @ euphoria, MOS at sunway.. we arrived there at 11pm and we got in for free as i put the Z for display.. that was the 2nd time i went to euphoria for a car event but this time around, my friend, bobo has a VIP for all of us! yay! so i had a comfy sofa to sit ;)

As usual, serena took out her camera and started to take pictures! here are some pictures she and i took :-

fyi this is the only picture of me drinking on my entire blog! you seldom can catch me drinking beer.. hahaha..

Before we left euphoria, i took some pictures of serena posing with the cars :)

We went to a mamak at ss15 after euphoria.. there were NO guys hitting on us at euphoria.. hahaha.. we were NOT drunk as we both only had 1 small glass of beer and when we left, the night was still young.. 1am only.. so means we spent 2 hours in euphoria ONLY...

After mamak, we came back to my place.. serena stayed overnight :) it was the 1st time she ever went out with me and stayed overnight here!

The next day, we went to bianco for lunch.. it's at damansara perdana which is VERY near to ikea..

The list of pasta

We both ordered a mushroom soup to share

And a spaghetti vongole each

Lastly, picture perfect (nice food + good company)

Here's a lil something about bianco.. besides the list of pastas that they provide, you can ask them to mix and match! eg: instead of white wine sauce, you can ask them to make it white cream sauce or tomato sauce..

Bianco is under Bijoux Food Company.. and so are bisou and bijou.. wanna know more? click on the picture below :-

After lunch, we went to ikea and i got more hangers! hehehe.. well have to since i bought more dresses now.. got 2 new ones at the flea market at the curve :P we called it a day at 3pm.. i sent serena home, got home myself, showered and took a nap til 7pm :)

That's MY weekend.. how was yours? :D


The Mrs Blogs said...

I must check out Euphoria soon! Btw, I saw someone who looks just like you in Barcelona on Saturday :) Same hair style and hair color, lol. Good thing I didn't go up to her, hehe.

:: Nicole :: said...

cas: do u smoke? if u don't then euphoria is the place for u :)

ps: i feel too old to go clubbing now =.=

alkt said...

oh no wonder my fren told me he saw a 350z with stock rims at D.P. hahaha :)

:: Nicole :: said...

alkt: there's many Zs out there with stock rims... okay? :P~

Leo said...

Grr, missed another event.

:: Nicole :: said...

leo: u didn't miss much.. bryan and ivan were not there.. no pretty girls.. not many cars.. am waiting for the malacca event in er.. dec i think :)

alkt said...

not the one with veilside bodykit+stock rims :p :p :p

lovegoddess said...

hey nic tho we didnt dance but i had fun on our girls' nite out :)

i like d non-smoking concept in euphoria!

& yea i love d spag.vongole! claim was fresh :)

Anonymous said...

im really gtting this feeling that you and serena are lesbian, or pleasure mates ..heheh :) ur hubby is away so serena has to put the fire out..loooooooool